Assignment: Say Hello


“You are going to send a ‘greetings card’, telling your tutor about yourself, your interests and inspirations, the materials you feel happy working with and maybe what you would like to get from the course”.

For this assignment, I decided to make a collage of my work and present it as a greeting card. I have already linked my tutor to my portfolio but felt that some of my best work offered together would be an excellent way to show my style and capability.

Below are the images I chose:

For the final image, I arranged the pictures in a way that compliments the layout of the text and background image. The background image (taken from a previous exercise), has warm pink and cold blue tones. Once I had the pictures arranged, I added luminosity to each layer, which blends the lightness values while ignoring the colour information. This brought each element together, making them seem well blended.

Once the images were in the correct place, and the colour adjustments had been made, I created a clipping mask to fill the text and both bars. Everything else is left blank, leaving a punched out effect.

Final Version
3D Render

Bellow is content of the card:

Hello Laura,
My name is Patrick Simpson, and I thought as you are going to be my tutor over the next, however many years, I should probably introduce myself.

I am 37 years old and currently work as a graphic designer for an aircraft interior manufacturing company. I have three children with my wife Charlotte aged, three, five and seven. Quite a handful but lots of fun!

I have always had a passion for drawing and creating art and I am hoping to further a career in freelance illustration. I get a lot of inspiration from pop culture and enjoy using strong colours in my work. My default setting is digital art, but I look forward to working with different materials along the course.

I hope you like the card and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

All the best


I feel that the final image on the card works well. It was interesting to take previous work and give it a fresh look and design. I also enjoyed working with the composition to make it look exciting and engaging. I understand the brief asked to print this out, but due to a technical issue, I had to make a visual render of the finished version.