Assignment: Point of sale display


“To create images which will be used within a campaign for a supermarket, to package and promote a range of seasonal foods. Create an illustration of fruit or vegetables. One illustration for each of the ranges:

  • Summer
  • Autumn

Your images should be objective and based upon direct observation. For each range you may choose an individual piece, dissected or partly sliced sections, or create a group of several pieces.”

I started by trying some different brushes to try and achieve the looks of fresh, vibrant looking fruit.

Below is my first attempt, using an acrylic brush:

Initially, I liked the look of this, but after reflecting on the brief, I felt it looked a little dark, and it was quite hard to achieve the colours in the fruit using these brushes. I decided then to try and create the fruit in Illustrator. I thought this might be easier to develop a mass of fruit with bright colours.

See below my final point of sale illustration for Summer:

Final Illustration for “Summer”

After I was happy with my process, I went ahead and created my point of sale illustration for Autumn using the same methods.

I am quite happy how these have rendered. I think the fruit in the Summer illustration is nice and eye-catching, whereas the vegetables in the Autumn illustration look more rustic and earthy.


“Then create separate images for Summer and Autumn that reflect both the produce you previously selected and aspects of the season itself. There are no limitations in terms of content – you can include other objects, a place, patterns, people or a combination of these.”

I decided to change the style slightly for this illustration and use watercolour. I wanted to create a scene of a summer lunch with fruit and refreshments all on a table. Never really using watercolours before I struggled slightly here but thought it was the right direction for this particular illustration.

Below was my first attempt followed by my final illustrations:

Water Colour Illustration
Initial Sketch


I enjoyed this assignment and felt that each illustration uses good colour to present the food. Having never worked with watercolours before I found this to be quite testing and hard to manipulate the colour into working together. I did have other sketches for my final illustrations, but unfortunately, they got lost, so I was not able to show my process to its full extent. I have also logged to organise my time a little better as I did fall a little behind in the final assignment.