Assignment: A poster


“To design an illustration for a poster for a music event. An Early Music concert, a Jazz evening or for a pop group. You can choose. The finished poster will be reproduced at A3 size, but you can work at the size, in proportion, that you feel most comfortable with. You will need to provide your working drawings – the thumbnails and visuals – with the finished piece. The poster will include the title of the event, the date, time, place and any other information you think appropriate. You can either include this in your artwork or indicate where it will be positioned”.

“Start by brainstorming and create a mood board. Produce a range of alternative thumbnails in which you consider viewpoints and various arrangements of the content you have selected”.

I started by creating a quick spider diagram of my chosen band “The Kings of Leon”:

PNG image-45970B48E05D-1

I then went on to create some basic thumbnails to try and find a decent layout for my illustration:


I was then asked to choose two compositions that I liked the best and create line visuals for both:

I used a slight shortcut to get a feel for the side profile piece and used some original artwork that I created earlier on in the year.  Below is the progression of that design:

I decided not to go with this design as I was too familiar with the image and although I like the design, I couldn’t really get it to stand out so in the end I abandoned it and went with my second choice.

Below are the process images of my final design, showing my choice of typeface, colour selection and progression to my final poster:

I started by creating a colour board to fit my design.  I wanted the imaged to be very bold and to stand out.  In my first draft, I created a rough face with the orchid placed over the woman’s mouth.  This was just a quick mockup as I wanted the final piece to be very detailed and rich.

I then tried again at creating the image but this time using a darker palette and testing areas for detail and texture.  The fourth image is the finished artwork which I used to overlay the text.  For the text, I used an italic script font which (like the orchid) is synonymous with the band.

Final artwork:



I was very pleased with the finished piece.  I think that the colours really work well and the text in gold goes really nicely with the background.  I’m very pleased with the orchid and the detail that I have managed to achieve.

Bellow is the artwork timeline progression: