Assignment: Seven Days


The title is Seven days. These can be the seven days of the week or random days that tell a story. Your interpretation can be objective or subjective. You can produce seven separate, one large diagrammatic or a continuous strip illustration. You can decide on the media and methods you will use; the context – magazine, newspaper, book, brochure or poster; and the intended audience. You need to write yourself a brief that is clear and challenging but manageable“.

I began the assignment by creating a small mind map of ideas.

Working from the spider diagram I pulled together some different sections and came up with an idea for an illustration. As a starting idea, I liked the thought of seven days in a location. I recently read an article about an event in America called Burning man. The event is held for the week leading up to Labour Day and is known for its display of huge sculptures.

I imagined that this Illustration would sit well next to a magazine article about the event, so I began to work out a brief:

Brief for Burning Man Sculpture article:

We would like an illustration to sit as a header to our article called “Sleeping Giants: 7 days discovering the sculptures of Burning Man”. Our section is about discovering the art sculptures that are erected in the desert at Burning Man. We explore these desert art pieces over the length of the event, which is seven days. You will need to research the event and explore every aspect to create a relating image. Many sculptures are made and exhibited each year at Burning Man so you will need to select seven, one for each day of the event.

We will need you to create the illustration for the size below.


Third page horizontal (w)176mm X (h)92mm

Resolution no less that 300ppi

Color Mode CMYK

I began to research the articles subject matter and collate images to support my design.

Burning Man Sculptures

Every year up to 80,000 people travel to the temporary Black Rock City to attend the event of Burning Man. The event is held the last week in August and has been running since 1998.

Located 100 miles north from Reno, Burning Man is an experiment in community and art. Every year hundreds of art sculptures from all over the world are placed on display around the event.

Working from my spider diagram and my written brief, I got to work on producing some quick-fire thumbnails.

I liked the idea of a tiled set of images depicting seven different sculptures. I thought this would relate well to the title of the article and would place the individual art pieces in their own environment.

I then went through my image research and chose seven sculptures that I wanted to recreate for my illustration.

From my thumbnails and image selection, I created a quick sketch of what would be my final design. I wanted to incorporate all of my drawings into one image but have them separated as slides.

Next, I created each slide in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to show different times of the day for each one, so I chose the colour accordingly. By selecting the colour of the sculpture’s silhouette first, I then worked through to the back of the image, selecting complimenting colours for the background scenery.

Below is my final image with all of the renders compiled together as they would be for the article.

I also created a magazine renter to show the image as it would look printed. I also quickly created an alternative illustration by combining all of the sculptures that could be used as a front cover or as a corresponding image.


I’m not sure if I hit the correct mark with this assignment. I really like my final images and I think they come together well but I’m not sure if I have strayed from the brief slightly. The research for this was harder than I thought and is a part of the illustration process that I still need a LOT of work on. Honestly due to time constraints, the current situation and suffering from a creative block, I feel like this work could be re-evaluated and improved before assessment. My research is on the thin side and I think I just went down a rabbit hole and then had not time to re-track my steps and try an alternative solution.