Exercise: Giving instructions


Using the internet, magazines, reference books leaflets, brochures and flyers make a collection of examples and reference materials that can help you with an illustration to fit one of the categories below.

Making a cup of tea          Getting to my house          Playing a tune on an instrument

For the first part of the brief, I pulled together some images from the internet showing the different stages of making a cup of tea.

These are shown below:


I then proceeded to create some rough sketches to see which layout worked the best and how many images I would need to provide correct instructions for the task.

In the images below you will see that I created a timeline of 9 images.  After creating these, I felt that the storyboard was too long and needed to be shortened.


I went back to the brief and tried to develop an illustration that showed step by step instructions but as a single image.

Below was my final rough work before I started the final piece:


I wanted to keep it simple without overcomplicating the task and cutting away anything too obvious.  I finished with six steps for making a cup of tea.

  1. Placing the teabag into the cup
  2. Adding hot water
  3. Waiting 1min
  4. Taking teabag out
  5. Adding milk
  6. Stirring

Once I had completed the final rough, I started my final piece:

I began by drawing a single mug that would not change throughout the entire image and did a quick copy and paste to make six.


I then added more elements until I was happy that the steps were clear and accurate.

Below is my final piece:



I was happy with the finished result and felt that it was a clear guide to making a cup of tea.  I was also happy to mix the two methods in the brief together and create a single image with multiple steps.

I later showed this to family members and both thought the steps were enough information in guiding them to making a cup of tea.  I did have one comment that I thought was valid, this was that there was no sign o the liquid being hot.  Taking this on board, next time I would add steam to the hot water being poured and then subsequently each individual full cup that follows.