Exercise: Client visuals


“From the work you have collected pick at least two finished illustrations. These illustrations should contain a range of content. They can be representational, diagrammatic or metaphorical.”

My two chosen illustrations:

Both illustrations are by Kevin Tong


“Measure the image at the size it was reproduced. Draw a box at least two and half times larger and in proportion to each of the printed illustrations. Using a form of line which feels comfortable and which you can confidently manage, create a visual for each illustration. You are not tracing from the original nor are you claiming this artwork as your own. Be aware of main shapes and directions; draw the elements of the image with sufficient detail for them to be readable.”

My visual work for both illustrations:

I created these on an oversized digital canvas with the crop line in red.  It was great to see that a very rough drawing can really show the potential for the final piece.


“Explore how many lines you need to use to describe the content. Try another version of the same image and see how much content you can remove so that the image is distilled to an extremely edited form but still makes sense.”

Stripped down versions of previous visuals:


I’m not sure how to think about my basic sketching or line work. I feel I need to apply more time to this aspect of my work. The stripped-down versions of the artwork are, in my opinion, too basic looking and a bit messy. I understand the purpose of the exercise and felt that I had boiled the image down to its basics, but on a personal evaluation, I need to improve my quick sketch work.

I came back to this exercise last week and decided to line the illustrations up in a row to see the evolution and I feel that each one represents the final image well: