Exercise: Spider Diagrams

For this exercise, I was asked to create four spider diagrams for these words:

Seaside          Childhood          Angry          Festival

Below you will see the spider diagrams.  My thoughts are marked in blue. Google searches are in green and filling in the gaps are my wife’s ideas.

I thought this would be an easy exercise, but I actually found it more difficult than I expected.  I’m not sure if I was having a mental block whilst creating these but I seemed to struggle, especially with the emotion of “Angry”.

Starting from the main word, I created links to subcategories and then repeated this to try and extract as much as possible out of each trail. I was also able to link other subcategories together across the board. I felt this created a good path of thought and even helped me think of other words.

It was a good learning curve to introduce the google search and second opinion to fill in the gaps that I had missed.  Some were so obvious but goes to show that a fresh set of eyes can see more clearly than someone really looking for all the answers.