Exercise: Turning words into pictures


Choose a word from the list and draw everything that comes to mind. Don’t be concerned about the accuracy of your drawing or the prettiness of it. Use your drawings as a form of visual shorthand“.

The word I chose was “Destruction”

The first thing I created was a spider diagram to try and help expand the word into different areas.

I then started to create drawings from the ideas I had uncovered from the spider diagram.

My illustrations are a mix of destructive objects and situations. They range from weapons and military vehicles, social destruction, nature, terrorism and human-made.

I also added some researched images that show texture, colour and reference to my chosen word.


I found this exercise to be extremely beneficial. I started by drawing my initial ideas of destruction (like buildings, bombs, etc.). I then found myself looking deeper into the word and thinking of its use in different scenarios. By doing this, I was able to take a word, create an image of an atomic bomb then using the same word, create an image of abuse in a family home and how that, in turn, is so destructive.