Exercise: Making a moodboard


“Choose one of the words from the previous exercise and on a large sheet, begin expanding on the themes and ideas that you identified. Collect swatches of colour and texture too or create your own to establish a palette of colours and repertoire of marks”.

To start this exercise I again created a spider diagram to expand the word “Travel”.

I then searched the internet for the keywords from my spider diagram and created a colour and texture board for the individual main elements.


“Google some of the words and from the Images link, either print off or draw from some of the images that emerge. Go through other books and magazines and take snippets of images, which have associations with your words and theme. Assemble these elements on your large sheet”.

Finished Mood Board


Again this was a beneficial exercise. Being able to turn my spider diagram into a visual representation made me think about how colours and textures work together. I can see how useful these boards can be as a visual reference and by documenting the elements of a project can help take it to the next level.