Exercise: Exploring drawing and painting


“Create a sketchbook with different kinds of coloured and textured papers. Use a variety of surfaces including rough textures such as sugar paper and heavy watercolour paper and smooth, shiny surfaces such as brown paper and cheap typing paper. Collect the sheets together in a binder or with a bulldog clip”.

I started by gathering a few types of drawing materials from around the house. Unfortunately, due to lack of resources, these are all I could find.

Crayons, Felt Pens, Chalk

I found four types of paper for this exercise, sketchbook, cheap printer, waxed and a brown paper bag.

I created an image of Cherries on multiple pages, exploring each drawing implement on the different surfaces.


For me, this exercise felt a little new and concentrated on an area I am not used to. I found that the image first drawn with outlines and shading, then coloured worked best. I would have liked to spend more time on this exercise as I feel that with more preparation I could have made a far better image.