Exercise: An objective drawing


  • Shoe
  • Umbrella
  • Pair of trousers
  • Pair of glasses
  • Hat

“Take an item from the list above and explore it visually to become aware of its textures, physical qualities and function. What is the item for – what does it do?

The item I chose was a shoe. I liked the idea of the different material and textures that this item was made from. Leather, rubber, suede, fabric and stitching were all contributing factors to its creation.


Using a pencil or fine liner do an objective drawing of your object on an A4 sheet. You are trying to achieve a drawing that has a high degree of visual accuracy and is technically controlled. Be analytical and use drawing to clearly convey this visual information”.

Below was the picture I took of my shoe for reference. I tired to take a slightly angled shot so that all of the different materials and textures were exposed.

Reference Image

Below is my final image created on paper with graphite pencils. I then scanned the image and made a digital copy.

Final Image


I enjoyed this exercise as I like to think of myself as an objective artist. I crave detail and perspective in my work. I feel that the final image holds a remarkable resemblance to the reference image and that the textures work around the different areas of the shoe.

My chosen media is nearly always digital, so it was nice to create an image with a very different feel. The textures and materials of the shoe were slightly more challenging to create by using just a pencil. My digital art creations allow me many attempts to get the image looking correct, and also deliver multiple ways of texturing and detailing illustrations.

Reflecting on this exercise, it was refreshing to create an image using one tool and produce multiple textures.