Exercise: Your own work

To begin the exercise I created a gallery of my previous work. These pieces were favourite from the course and images that I felt could potentially be used for commercial sale.

Below is the image I have decide to use for my commercial sale.

Back in the 90’s I always remember people wearing t-shirts with wild animals on them. They were a big craze at the time and were also very familiar to album covers of the time. I felt that my elected image spoke to this old style.

Recently this type of design has made a resurgence but at a grander scale and more photographic than illustrated artwork.

Below is my final design as it would look like a T-shirt design. There are many ways to sell your designs as apparel these days but the most popular is “drop shipping”. This is where a company will advertise, sell, print, package and ship your product and take a small percentage of the final sale price, minus any overhead cost.

This allows the designer the freedom to only have to worry about the design itself and to know that everything else is taken care of.

These types of online drop shops generated £400bn in 2018 and are expected to rise to £650bn by 2023.

Below is my previous design reimagined for t-shirt:

There are many drop shops available to use for distributing your apparel designs, the most notable being Amazon. I have used Amazon Merch before to sell designs, mostly as t-shirts and find that they have the best return for sales, along with the quality of the material and print.

I uploaded my design three top leading dropping companies to compare the profit margin.

Due to these numbers, I believe that Amazon Merch has the best return and best reach to the consumer.